Chris Rosenthal seated

JOYning with YOU

This site is for JOYning our conscious and egoic self with the wise and intuitive nature of our Spirit Self……the Self that is the real us, which is Love…….and nothing else. Love without judgment, Love without guilt, Love without fear. Love that fosters compassion, Love that fosters gratefulness, Love that fosters inner peace.

There is that still, quiet place in each of us where we can go to JOYn with the highest in ourselves. It is my hope that the Musings and Miracles will encourage listening to that still Voice that knows of Who You Are and sings to you of your song. And as you and I learn to sing our own melody, we will be closer to harmonizing with each other.

I have a page for Reiki, a page for A Course in Miracles, a page for the Professional Services I offer at my retreat center, and a blog page for Musings and Miracles.

After years of feeling an inner urge to leave Florida and come to the northeast, I left my private psychotherapy practice and teaching Reiki classes and psycho-spiritual workshops in Orlando, to build a retreat center on 70 wooded acres on the western slope of the Catskills in upstate New York.

Chris Rosenthal, M.S., LMHC, C.HT and Reiki Master