miracle on the mountain

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On 11/16/11, I was riding with a friend on Bear Spring Mountain outside of Walton, NY.  I had ridden these trails every week for several months with my friend Lillian.  This particular cold November day, I rode one of her new horses.  After a couple of hours it started to rain and it would also be dark soon, so we started to head back to the trailer.  As we began to canter up a steep trail, I am not certain what happened next.  Paco was not listening to me. It seemed he wanted to move Lillian and her horse out of the way and run up the hill. As he did so, he leaped into the air and bucked me right off.  I went flying.  I tried to get up and couldn’t.  Lillian’s second call was to our local Reiki hotline.   The message was also sent to The Reiki Alliance worldwide hotline.

While I was cold and wet and broken waiting for the paramedics to find us on the now dark trail, I had the thought: if it’s my time I am ok with that.  No resistance.  Then I distinctly heard ‘’what is your choice?’’  I repeated, ‘’if it’s my time, that is fine.”  And again I heard ‘’but what is your choice?’’  I thought for a minute and then replied ‘’if I have a choice I would like to get all my ducks in a row and complete what I came here for’’.  I did not hear the voice again.

The hospital in Walton found a displaced fracture in my left hip, numerous pelvic fractures, internal bleeding and a hole in the bladder.  The medical staff told Lillian they were not giving me much chance to even make it to the trauma center two hours away.   When the ambulance arrived the same tests were given and I remember wondering, ‘’why are they doing this again?’’  It was an extremely painful process. So here is the miracle.  The tests now showed the break in the femur was lined up, no longer displaced, still had pelvic fractures, but no internal bleeding, no hole in the bladder.  I would survive this.

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