miracle in the air

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On November 22, 2013, I was headed to Orlando to give a memorial service for a dear friend who had passed.  At the Albany airport, waiting to board my flight (which had just come from Orlando), there were 3 announcements for us to use the facilities prior to boarding as we would not be leaving our seats due to heavy turbulence the entire 3 hour flight.

Then after we boarded, the attendant advised us to get whatever we would need out of the bins as we wouldn’t be able to retrieve anything during the flight and of course, there would be no service during the flight. Before we pushed back from the gate, the pilot also spoke of the heavy turbulence and to stay seated.

So, after a total of 8 announcements, I asked john, who I’d felt extra close with the last few days while writing and compiling his Celebration of Life service, “am I suppose to be flying to give your service? “. “Yes”. “Then I’d like a smooth ride.” There was not one bump….not one bit of turbulence the entire flight.

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