A Course in Miracles | ACIM

The Course may be studied on your own or you may find a study group in your locale. The Workbook section is usually more preferable to do on your own.  And before you read the Text, it is suggested that you first read the Manual for Teachers.  (It will be telling you that we are all teachers).  The Course was received through inner dictation and uses Christian terminology.  It is an attempt to correct Christianity.  For instance, ‘salvation’ is defined as simply unlearning that we are separate from God.

The following are some of the quotes from A Course in Miracles:

  • All thinking produces form at some level.
  • The choice to judge rather than to know is the cause of the loss of peace.
  • All healing is essentially the release from fear.
  • When your mood tells you that you have chosen wrongly, and this is so whenever you are not joyous, then know this need not be.
  • There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
  • Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.
  • If you knew Who walks besides you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.
  • The miracle offers exactly the same response to every call for help. It does not judge the call.

The Course tells us that for something to exist for us, we must value it. So if we value guilt, we will attract experiences to give us the opportunity to feel guilty. If we value worry, we will attract much to worry about. The Course also tells us that all emotions are either a form of fear or a form of love. And we get to choose.

I call fear/judgment/guilt the tragic trinity. I call love/joy/peace the true trinity (not to diss the holy trinity). Where one of the three is present, the other two are there also. We choose every moment which trinity we are in.

Chris offers ACIM study group on Monday mornings in her home at her retreat center in upstate New York.  All are welcome.  For information contact Chris.