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wishing you Peace…..

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wishing you the Peace in your Inner world that you yearn to see in the outer world. wishing you the Love in your Inner world that you want/cherish in your outer world. wishing you the Joy in your Inner world that this Season of Joy brings to the outer world.

the Sacred in us

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To see the sacred in others I must first be able to know it in myself. it is the Me within the me. it is the You within the you.


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Spring long awaited The bouquet of softened soil Portending the gold of daffodils and dandelions

time for Joyning

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Contemplating a concern for us. our country. our world. who knew a sociopathic political system would give rise to our standing up and together. worldwide. knowing that equality among all does not mean sameness. it means treating you the way i want to be treated. it means feeling and demonstrating compassion for our diversity. it […]

Holiday Harmony

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This holiday season and into the new year, it is my fervent wish that each of us is persistent in finding our own Inner Peace……for it is our Inner Peace that will flow out into the world,dissolving everything unlike peace……transforming the world we see into Love.

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